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Re: sense of packaging firefox' addons?

Le mercredi 27 février 2008 à 13:22 -0800, Andrew Farris a écrit :

> The builtin firefox addon update system works far faster for most desktop users 
> than getting a new rpm packaged, built, and shipped...

I works far faster for update freaks that love hunting the internet for
software bits and always update to the latest version. It's pretty
useless for the large class of users who want their apps to just work
and are not willing to invest large parts of their time in extension
hunting. And some extensions have been known to have security holes, so
relying on users to update extensions when all do not is going to bite
us sooner or later.

The Firefox addon update system is far from awesome when you're the one
who has to install and update Firefox extensions manually on a pool of
systems because users don't bother (additionally that's one reason
Firefox fares so bad in the enterprise — geek-oriented installation
system without any provision for centralised management).

Nicolas Mailhot

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