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Re: sense of packaging firefox' addons?

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
Le mercredi 27 février 2008 à 13:22 -0800, Andrew Farris a écrit :

The builtin firefox addon update system works far faster for most desktop users than getting a new rpm packaged, built, and shipped...

I works far faster for update freaks that love hunting the internet for
software bits and always update to the latest version. It's pretty
useless for the large class of users who want their apps to just work
and are not willing to invest large parts of their time in extension
hunting. And some extensions have been known to have security holes, so
relying on users to update extensions when all do not is going to bite
us sooner or later.

On a multi-user system yes, I suppose that is worrisome. But on a single user desktop, even in an enterprise environment.. you're assuming that a user is more likely to apply updates when packagekit tells them they are available versus the browser checking every time it opens for the day? I highly doubt it. If you're manually installing their desktops updates yourself then... you have a point, but you also could be fixing it already if this is what you're doing.

You could be deploying a preconfigured and updated firefox profile which is ridiculously simple to achieve. In fact, you don't even need it to be fully writable for firefox to work, so you could prevent it from changing.

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