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Re: sense of packaging firefox' addons?

Le jeudi 28 février 2008 à 02:07 -0800, Andrew Farris a écrit :

> On a multi-user system yes, I suppose that is worrisome.  But on a single user 
> desktop, even in an enterprise environment.. you're assuming that a user is more 
> likely to apply updates when packagekit tells them they are available versus the 
> browser checking every time it opens for the day?  I highly doubt it. 

Doubt all your want. Some users will go out of their way to bitrot their
desktop by downloading all kinds of dubious code from the internet (and
do a tantrum if you don't let them). Others are extremely conservative,
they still use the OS default wallpaper 3 years after its installation,
and they only trust the OS updates (esp. if someone else manages them).
The Firefox extension system was designed for the first class of users.
Extension packaging would work for the second class of users.

BTW there is no relation between IT proficiency and this. You find aunt
Tillies in both categories, and software developers likewise.

Moreover you have all sorts of tools to deploy rpms on a set of
computers (yum is not the only one). That's not the case for xpi files. 
Any entity that considers a medium-to-large Firefox deployment quickly
finds out IE users will only accept a Firefox sweetened with a few
extensions, that most of them won't install those extensions themselves
at first, that MoFo forgot centralised extension management, and
therefore a Firefox trial is too resource-intensive to consider
seriously (that's sad for Linux desktops that absolutely rely on

Anyway I don't see what makes you all go into flammes. You don't like
packages extensions don't install the extension packages. Nobody is
going to kill the firefox extension manager in the short term.

Nicolas Mailhot

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