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Re: Fedora bug workflow - process change

Kevin Kofler wrote:
Matej Cepl <mcepl <at> redhat.com> writes:
Less important but still IMHO interesting and relevant to our discussion is the distinction between 1) and 2). For me personally, while working on my Xorg bugs, this distinction is not particularly relevant (and bugs I triage should end in the state 2)), because I know from discussion with developers what kind of bugs each of them expects, and of course whenever in doubts what to do with a particular bug I could ask on IRC.

Which leads me to the point, that for bug triager to be excellent it is crucially important to be part of the team of developers for the particular set of components.

Well, I see that working well for some teams, but not all teams in Fedora work that way. How we deal with bugs within the KDE SIG is that we don't _assign_ a bug to another developer, but instead a developer should _claim_ the bugs they want to own (and the assignee who claimed the bug is supposed to work on it, so we'll usually not touch bugs claimed by someone else). So how we used to work is that we assigned the bugs to ourselves and set them to ASSIGNED when claiming them. Important bugs are regularly brought up in the meetings to make sure someone takes care of them and to check progress. Now that ASSIGNED has been redefined, it will no longer be immediately clear whether the bug was just set to ASSIGNED by a triager (and is still assigned to the default assignee) or actually claimed by the assignee. We'll probably end up just using ON_DEV when claiming bugs, I've put this up for discussion at the next meeting.

        Kevin Kofler


So now it's Bug gets reported the BugZappers assign it to nobody because they from
the new point of view it's just verified/confirmed it was an actual Bug

The bug reporter actually thinks somebody is working on the bug...

The Reality

The bug that actually broke his system just got confirmed/verified..

And here comes KDE SIG point of view....
Nobody gets Assigned a bug by defaults, they just pick the bug they like and if they don't like it they think the next developer is gonna take it... and the bug does not get worked on until it breaks something enough or whole lot of people screams load enough that somebody
has to assign it to himself..

The bug reporter is waits for it to be work on...

In reality...

KDE dev think the next KDE dev gonna take it...

The bug reporters patience runs out and he moves to Gnome
and never reports another KDE bug...

-1 User for KDE +1 User for GNOME :)

Now that's the way to attract bug reporters...

Best regards.
                Johann B.
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n:Gudmundsson;Johann B. 
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