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Re: system-* tools' ui independence

Kelly Miller pisze:
On 2/28/08, Jakub 'Livio' Rusinek<jakub rusinek gmail com>  wrote:
Kelly Miller pisze:
Jakub 'Livio' Rusinek wrote:

I said few weeks or months ago, that our system-* tools cannot
descriminate KDE by using GTK.

YaST authors separated UI library, so you [Red Hat or Community] can
easily rewrite our tools to integrate well with KDE and GTK-based

Um, have you SEEN or USED the YaST GTK+ interface? It's one of the most
screwed-up pieces of bad UI I've ever seen in my life...

I've seen it and used it. Fast, responsible and very user friendly.

YaST-GTK is much better than YaST-Qt.

You're joking, right?

No, I'm not. From users point, YaST-GTK is more readable and better organized.

 I mean, two minutes with YaST-GTK and I'd
already gotten sick of the fact that it acts like just about
everything else in Gnome anymore; that the user should only be able to
reach the minimum of options and anything else should be buried.

You use KDE, right?

And it's a fact that the GTK installer is utterly brain-dead.

Don't be rude... Most of people do not require LOAD of options, but they expect simple "just works", without hassle.

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