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Unison2.13 compatibility package can be downloaded from my website.

There doesn't seem to be any traction resolving the issue with the
Unison application having been upgraded in the middle of FC7 and F8.

I have locally solved the issue by creating a package for each version
of Unison, using the alternatives system to select between them (or you
can simply run the version you want directly).

I have built i386 RPMs for unison2.13 and unison2.27 and placed them at
the URLs below, if anybody wants to download and use them:


I only have binaries for the i386 architecture for Fedora 8 right now,
but possibly could create x86_64 and/or FC7 if there was a request. ppc
is out since I don't have the hardware.

Also, at present, the above locations are not yum repositories, but I
could be persuaded to create repos if there was enough demand.

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