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Re: system-* tools' ui independence

On 2008-02-28, 15:00 GMT, Jakub 'Livio' Rusinek wrote:
> O rly? Resolution 800x600 while my display supports 1024x768 
> doesn't satisfy me.

That's bug (and probably already filed).

> Also, nv or nouveau drivers are not supporting my graphics card well.
> And again, I can't set Digital Vibrance with them.

I was not saying that every cool feature of your card (especially 
nVidia, ehm) will work out of the box, but it should at least 
work somehow. And concerning nouveau -- the developers are my 
heros, but it is still kind of alpha.

> Another problem with xorg.conf? My display displays everything darker 
> than it is in reality, so I must to use gamma.

Probably bug. File it.

> I like Compiz, I must enable some options.

I am not promising that out of the box without xorg.conf.

> I want my video to my bright as desktop, so I must to enable GL for XvMC.

Your configuration choice. We are not good in mind-reading.

> I must to set DisplaySize to get good DPI (it was broken some months ago 
> to be "proper", but it's not).

The same, but if it is regression (i.e., it did work without 
xorg.conf) than it might be a bug.


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