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Re: system-* tools' ui independence

Matej Cepl pisze:
On 2008-02-28, 15:00 GMT, Jakub 'Livio' Rusinek wrote:
O rly? Resolution 800x600 while my display supports 1024x768
doesn't satisfy me.

That's bug (and probably already filed).

Doesn't matter. I use xorg.conf.

Also, nv or nouveau drivers are not supporting my graphics card well.
And again, I can't set Digital Vibrance with them.

I was not saying that every cool feature of your card (especially
nVidia, ehm) will work out of the box, but it should at least
work somehow. And concerning nouveau -- the developers are my
heros, but it is still kind of alpha.

They are not yet ready. But if they would be somehow "stable", I'm open for testing.

Another problem with xorg.conf? My display displays everything darker
than it is in reality, so I must to use gamma.

Probably bug. File it.

No, it's my display's failure. Nothing wrong from Xorg. That's another reason I have xorg.conf.

I like Compiz, I must enable some options.

I am not promising that out of the box without xorg.conf.

I understand (; .

I want my video to my bright as desktop, so I must to enable GL for XvMC.

Your configuration choice. We are not good in mind-reading.

It's impossible to know such things (; .

I must to set DisplaySize to get good DPI (it was broken some months ago
to be "proper", but it's not).

The same, but if it is regression (i.e., it did work without
xorg.conf) than it might be a bug.

It's popular bug, maybe in Xorg, maybe in GNOME or maybe in DejaVu fonts family.

DejaVu @ 10px are HUGE, BIG, while Lucida Grande for example is smaller.

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