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Re: system-* tools' ui independence

Bill Crawford pisze:
On 28/02/2008, Jakub 'Livio' Rusinek<jakub rusinek gmail com>  wrote:
Kelly Miller pisze:

  >  You're joking, right?

No, I'm not. From users point, YaST-GTK is more readable and better

  >   I mean, two minutes with YaST-GTK and I'd
  >  already gotten sick of the fact that it acts like just about
  >  everything else in Gnome anymore; that the user should only be able to
  >  reach the minimum of options and anything else should be buried.

You use KDE, right?

As do I. You have a problem with KDE, right? It's bad? It offers
options and you think that people don't want options =>  must not allow

KDE users think that many options, with clutter in UI are good, but they even do not use them and do not need them.

Believe, I was KDE user, who switched in search of something better.

  >  And it's a fact that the GTK installer is utterly brain-dead.

Don't be rude... Most of people do not require LOAD of options, but they
  expect simple "just works", without hassle.

I find it rude that you're suggesting that having options =>  doesn't
"just work".

Did I said this? No. You, KDE people always brag something.

It's extremely frustrating.

If do not use something, then be silent.

And about system-* tools for KDE - KDE version can have more options as you will "need" them.

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