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Re: system-* tools' ui independence

Bill Crawford wrote:
On 29/02/2008, Jakub 'Livio' Rusinek <jakub rusinek gmail com> wrote:
Bill Crawford pisze:

KDE users think that many options, with clutter in UI are good, but they
 even do not use them and do not need them.

You're presumably that "liking to have options" => "like to have UI
look cluttered".

You are assuming that because you do not use all the options => that
noone else will use them.

You are assuming that because [random person] uses no options, that
none of them are necessary.

 Believe, I was KDE user, who switched in search of something better.

Believe what? It makes no difference to what I need.

Did I said this? No. You, KDE people always brag something.

Where? I do not remember "bragging" about anything, merely pointing
out the irrational hatred of KDE and its users.

 If do not use something, then be silent.

Which seems to imply you should stop making comments and judgements about KDE.

 And about system-* tools for KDE - KDE version can have more options as
 you will "need" them.

You miss the point, again - you make this comment about "not using
something" and being silent, but in the case of most of the system
config tools, there *is* no choice until KDE implements a replacement
... and sometimes, that replacement lags behind the "mainstream" tool.
You might want to pause for thought before you suggest that this
implies we should not replace them ... you might otherwise use Windows
instead of GNOME ;o)

Come on Bill,

Look at the history of this poster, he is a troll and he is good at it. The more you people reply to his garbage the more he gets to play.

Join me in Boycotting all threads started by Jakob and by not responding when he is forced to start hijacking other people's threads.


Robert 'Bob' Jensen

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