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Re: submitting ideas to Fedora

On Thu, 2008-02-28 at 17:15 -0800, Andrew Farris wrote:
> Nevertheless, I think the idea of putting this information in a slightly more 
> community accessible format would be *a good thing*.  Most fedora users (F7-F8 
> types) are not keeping track of ongoing development of F9 so they are not that 
> aware of the feature list upcoming... meaning they lack excitement about it (and 
> consequently most are not chatting up their buddies about how cool it is).
> The majority of non-fedora users I chat with have no idea of the advancements 
> occurring over here, many of which are effecting their fav distros more than 
> they know due to the focus of moving improvement effort upstream!

Which is exactly what the Feature Process is supposed to help fix. We're
still refining it. F9 is really the first release to give the Feature
process a chance to gain momentum. NOW is the time to go out and get
your friends hyped up about about the F9 release. NOW is the time for
the Marketing/Ambassador types to take the information us Developer
types have given on FeatureList and start building up a Fedora hype


You're on a developer list, here. Speaking for myself, I'm not
interested in evangelizing Fedora. I don't think it's optimal use of my
skills. I'm a Software Engineer. I believe my time is best spent making
Fedora and Open Source in general, better. A better system will sell

> The mailing list archives are not user accessible information sources
> like a 
> 'vote features up or down' site.  The wiki itself is somewhat stale in
> that 
> regard too, at least much more so than an open comment and vote
> system.  I guess 
> I'm not doing what I could to help there since I'm not even in the
> wiki edit 
> group and I've been rawhiding since rh7.3.  Are most F8 users going to
> get wiki 
> edit access to post back 'hey I like this new f9 feature its worth
> promoting to 
> my friends'?

I think you're putting yourself into fedora-marketing/ambassador

Keep in mind, who's the audience of the wiki page? Of the Wiki in
general, even? Is it really for the public? Or is it "internal
communication" intended to be summarized elsewhere for public

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