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Re: Final Warning: Orphanarium to be Nuked

Warren Togami wrote:
Patrice Dumas wrote:
On Thu, Feb 28, 2008 at 01:57:34PM -0500, Warren Togami wrote:
Has Co-Owners but no primary owner

I would prefer if somebody else was the primary maintainer. Is someone


Why was this added to Fedora then immediately abandoned? If nobody is willing to be maintainer then we cannot responsibly maintain it. It should be removed. If somebody thereafter is willing to maintain it can always be re-added.


"debootstrap is used to create a Debian base system from scratch, without
requiring the availability of dpkg or apt.  It does this by downloading
.deb files from a mirror site, and carefully unpacking them into a
directory which can eventually be chrooted into."

Why do we have this in the first place? I'm not against Debian or the downloading thereof, but... I really cannot think of any real Fedora use case for this. Maybe I'm unimaginative today?


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