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file dependencies and packages and [blocker] bugs

Hi all,
 I've compiled a list of all packages that have a file dependency
outside of these globs:
 *bin/*, /etc/*

I'm going to file a bug against each of the packages to see if we can
work out a virtual provide/requires to deal with this problem.

The issue is this: In order for apt/smart/yum to depsolve for a
dependency like: 

each of them have to download the full filelists for ALL enabled
repositories in the configuration.

For Everything it is 8MB
For Updates it is 3.5MB

That's a fair sized chunk. In the shape of updates it gets updated
frequently and it needs to be re-downloaded. That's unfortunate for a
lot of users.

So I'm going to file bugs against each of the packages which have this
issue and we're going to work out a solution. One way or another. :)


What I'm going to recommend for the moment is that for each package with
a file-dep for multilib purposes we consider making virtual provides in
the corresponding providing pkg[s] that handle the declaration
per-architecture or library-type.

In some cases this is just legacy dreck that we can now clean up.


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