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Re: file dependencies and packages and [blocker] bugs

seth vidal wrote:
Hi all,
 I've compiled a list of all packages that have a file dependency
outside of these globs:
 *bin/*, /etc/*

I'm going to file a bug against each of the packages to see if we can
work out a virtual provide/requires to deal with this problem.

The issue is this: In order for apt/smart/yum to depsolve for a
dependency like: /usr/libexec/poker3d/underware

each of them have to download the full filelists for ALL enabled
repositories in the configuration.

For Everything it is 8MB
For Updates it is 3.5MB

That's a fair sized chunk. In the shape of updates it gets updated
frequently and it needs to be re-downloaded. That's unfortunate for a
lot of users.

So I'm going to file bugs against each of the packages which have this
issue and we're going to work out a solution. One way or another. :)


What I'm going to recommend for the moment is that for each package with
a file-dep for multilib purposes we consider making virtual provides in
the corresponding providing pkg[s] that handle the declaration
per-architecture or library-type.

In some cases this is just legacy dreck that we can now clean up.

Okay, these are mine (which I already knew without looking at the report, as I very deliberately added the filedeps):






The problem with these packages is that the application in question (== game-ish app, using its own fontrending) opens these fonts by filename. not true any known font configuration mechanism.

Combine this with the fact that fonts change both location and name regulary, and a simple dep on the font providing package wont't do. With these (not pretty) file deps I actually get broken deps reports send to me when this happens. Don't believe me? This is from the sdljava-demo changelog:

* Sun Dec  9 2007 Hans de Goede <j w r degoede hhs nl> 0.9.1-7
- And the dejavu-fonts fontfile names changed back again (what fun)
<more changes snipped>

* Tue Nov 20 2007 Hans de Goede <j w r degoede hhs nl> 0.9.1-6
- Adjust font symlinks in sdljava-demo package for fontfile name changes in
  dejavu-fonts (bz 388861)

On the postive site, very few people have either of these installed, so I guess the best solution here is to notfix. But I'm open for other ways of catching filename changes in another package without using file deps.



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