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Re: Rhythmbox and autofs - is this a bug?

"Camilo Mesias" <camilo mesias co uk> writes:

> I'm sharing music files from a F8 box using nfs4 and autofs on the F8
> client. It seemed to work well at first, then I realised the mount was
> timing out and Rhythmbox was 'losing' the files. I thought to work
> around this with a wrapper script that does
> cd /server/MUSIC
> rhythmbox
> I launch the script instead of rhythmbox directly.
> By chdir into the served directory I hoped to keep the files visible,
> but it seems that they are still lost from Rhythmbox sometimes.
> So, am I doing the right thing, or could rhythmbox do more to work
> with autofs mounts? Should I be serving up the files differently?

The bottom line is that the fact that the files live on an
automount-managed mount point should be transparent to the application.
Please file a bug against autofs for this.



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