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Dependencies breakage in released Fedora versions (twice now)

Hi All,

The last week I've had bugs filed twice against packages I maintain because their dependencies had broken, and this is not with rawhide but in F-9 and F-8 !!

One of these 2 breakages was due to a php version bump for security reasons, and I can live with that. One kind request to Joe Orton (in the CC) though, next time if you have the time please remember that maniadrive has a full versioned dependency on php and will break with each upstream version change. All my packages are wide open so next time please feel free to rebuild maniadrive and include it in the update.

The other dependency breakage though is due to rddtool (which also included a shared libary) being updated from a release candidate to the final, and this change includes a soname change. This is not acceptable in a released version unless there is a _really_ _really_ good reason, and even if there is a really_ _really_ good reason this should have been coordinated with any dependend packages.

Perhaps we can add a dependency check in bodhi, or if that slows bodhi down to much atleast run the dep-checking script currently run on rawhide also on "F-x + upodates + updates-testing", running the dep-checking script on "F-x + upodates + updates-testing" would have caught both these dep breakages as both packages have gone through testing first.

Then any broken deps should be mailed to the maintainers of the involved packages and to rel-eng, which then should block (or completely reject) non critical updates until the deps are solved.



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