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Re: comps.rng

On Thu, 2008-06-26 at 15:25 -0400, Will Woods wrote:
> If you check the 'comps' module in package CVS, you'll see the new file
> comps.rng[1]. This is a RELAX NG[2] schema for validating the grammar of
> our comps.xml files. 
> We're hoping to rig this up to the CVS checkin procedure to ensure that
> all changes result in valid comps files. We're also going to use it as
> part of the daily acceptance testing for Rawhide.
> Nicolas Mailhot gets all the thanks for writing the schema - I just
> checked it into CVS. 
> If anyone would care to comment on the undocumented[3] parts of comps -
> especially what the heck metapkg is for and whether we need it - it
> would be greatly appreciated.

1. groups cannot require other groups - only categories can require
   so this section under 'group':

<define name="groupreqlist">
    <element name="grouplist">
        <ref name="groupreq"/>
  <define name="groupreq">
    <element name="groupreq">
      <a:documentation>Other groups that this group requires.</a:documentation>
      <ref name="groupname"/>

can be removed entirely.

2. basearchonly no longer exists and is no longer honored in comps. So
you can remove this section entirely, too:
        <attribute name="basearchonly" a:defaultValue="false">
          <ref name="boolean"/>

hope this helps.


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