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Re: howto push dependencies into sub packages

Hi Peter,

On Mon, 2008-06-02 at 19:31 +0100, Peter Robinson wrote:

> I maintain the geoclue package. It has a number of providers that can
> be compiled in. I've tried to introduce a couple of subpackages for
> the gpsd and gypsy providers so that you can just install the
> providers you need and not have to pull in extra packages that you
> might not need (gpsd and gypsy do essentially the same thing so you
> probably don't need both). The problem I'm having is that with the
> addition of the gpsd provider (see F-9 testing if you aren't on
> rawhide) pulls in gpsd for the main package and not for the
> geoclue-gpsd package. How do I push this requirement down to the sub
> package so that it doesn't affect the main package (I've got the gpsd
> requirements in the sub package).

I see nobody's answered yet... I guess what you want to do is to have
your -gpsd subpackage requires gpsd so if it is installed, gpsd will be
there as well?

In that case, just put the "Requires: gpsd ..." line in the "%package
gpsd" section, right beside the "Requires: geoclue = %{PACKAGE_VERSION}"

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