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Re: GNU Unifont update

Le Mer 2 juillet 2008 10:59, Debarshi Ray a écrit :
>>>> The maintaining expense for both packages is not that much though.
>>>> I would be glad to maintain GNU Unifont, or show Paul how to do
>>>> that
>>>> if he wants. The spec files for both packages can be almost
>>>> identical.
>>> Do you still want to do this? :)
>>> It would be nice to have Unifont in Fedora.
>> Or more generaly to have more fonts in Fedora. It's been ages since
>> anyone but the usual suspects packaged a new font in Fedora (and a
>> fixed team does not scale)
> Is someone already doing this? If not, then I am interested. If yes,
> then I can help with the review.

There are lots of unclaimed fonts on

If you have the time and interest please do not block on Unifont. Our
packaging wishlist has other elements.


Nicolas Mailhot

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