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Re: Request to re-add option to disable SELinux

Jon Masters wrote:
Hi folks,


As I see this there are 2 issues to address/improve...

First get rid of the false positives.

Dan does an exceptional work on fixing selinux reports.

The problem here is not that things don't get FIXED they
don't get reported.

This is something that Fedora-QA and testers community need to
step in and improve as in add to task list do a better jobs of testing and
filing reports against selinux both rawhide and update testers.

wwoods:  Ping something to bring up on next meeting.

Second simplify the incident report to the desktop user as in noob it down
It's very good from an technical level but tells the noobster absolutely nothing he sees it as gibberish and thinks "where am I supposed to <click> now to make this go away".

If he's offered an [ Disable ] button he will <click> it.

There is absolutely no need to disable selinux when an exception is
just what is wanted/needed :)

The report should maybe be something more in this direction...

$application is trying to do something it should not be doing..
This is what it try to do < Summarize of the incident>

[ Allow exception ] [ Show full incident report ].

Just my 2 cents..

Best regards
                Johann B.

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