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spicebird Provides pollution

Spicebird in rawhide provides 46 sonames, which are provided by
the following other packages:


It does so for libs stored outside run-time linker's search path. This leads
to weak RPM dependencies. The worst-case scenario would be that one could
remove a required package, because RPM believes that spicebird is one
of multiple packages which satisfy the requirement.

Two examples of how the soname provides are polluted:

nss provides libssl3.so(NSS_3.2)
spicebird provides libssl3.so(NSS_3.2)
  required by: adminutil - 1.1.6-1.fc10.i386
  required by: evolution - 2.23.4-2.fc10.i386
  required by: evolution-data-server - 2.23.4-1.fc10.i386
  required by: fedora-ds-admin - 1.1.5-1.fc10.i386
  required by: fedora-ds-base - 1.1.1-2.fc10.i386
  required by: jss - 4.2.5-2.fc9.i386
  required by: libcurl - 7.18.2-2.fc10.i386
  required by: libpurple - 2.4.3-1.fc10.1.i386
  required by: mailx - 12.3-0.fc10.i386
  required by: mod_nss - 1.0.7-5.fc10.i386
  required by: mod_revocator - 1.0.2-4.fc9.i386
  required by: mozldap - 6.0.5-2.fc9.i386
  required by: nss-tools -
  required by: nss_compat_ossl - 0.9.2-4.fc9.i386
  required by: spicebird - 0.4-5.fc8.i386
  required by: xulrunner - 1.9-1.fc10.i386

spicebird provides libxpcom.so
xulrunner provides libxpcom.so
  required by: Miro - 1.2.4-2.fc10.i386
  required by: blam - 1.8.3-13.fc9.i386
  required by: cairo-dock-plug-ins-gecko - 1.6.1-0.1.svn1163_trunk.fc10.i386
  required by: devhelp - 0.19.1-1.fc10.i386
  required by: evolution-rss - 0.0.8-7.fc9.i386
  required by: firefox - 3.0-1.fc10.i386
  required by: galeon - 2.0.5-3.fc10.i386
  required by: gnome-python2-gtkmozembed - 2.19.1-16.fc9.i386
  required by: gnome-web-photo - 0.3-12.fc9.i386
  required by: gnomesword - 2.3.4-2.fc10.i386
  required by: gtkmozembedmm - 1.4.2.cvs20060817-20.fc9.i386
  required by: libswt3-gtk2 - 1:3.3.2-12.fc9.i386
  required by: mugshot - 1.2.1-1.fc10.i386
  required by: ruby-gtkmozembed - 0.17.0-0.2.rc1.fc10.i386
  required by: xulrunner - 1.9-1.fc10.i386
  required by: xulrunner-devel - 1.9-1.fc10.i386
  required by: yelp - 2.22.1-2.fc10.i386
  required by: spicebird - 0.4-5.fc8.i386

And during installation of those packages, it's only the "shortest pkg name
wins" in Yum depsolving, which protects us from problems. Plus explicit deps
on specific pkg names.

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