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Re: Easy reviews?

>>>>> "RS" == Rahul Sundaram <sundaram fedoraproject org> writes:

RS> Hi, I am trying to gather a list of packages that are easy to
RS> review on the long review queue since there are people interested
RS> in getting started on this.  Any pointers?

I wasn't aware that there were others interested in this; I don't
recall seeing much activity lately in that area either on-list or on IRC.

In any case, I fear we've mostly scoured the list of really easy
things; perl modules tend to be very simple since most of them are
mechanically generated; python modules are almost as easy.  But they
tend to get taken care of pretty quickly, so folks should search down
at the end of the list:

Honestly if people want to get started with reviews, the easiest thing
for them to do is to ignore the merge reviews and do some basic triage
on the rest.  Verify that the submitted package links are still good,
very that the packages build in mock or koji, provide rpmlint output
and perhaps some pointers on what needs to be fixed (which isn't
always easy to understand; people are welcome to ask me about
particularly confusing rpmlint complaints, and we can try to get them
documented).  This will help to weed out those tickets where the
submitter has gone away, and can pave the way for a more experienced
reviewer to come in and do a complete check.  Note also that it's not
at all required that anyone be sponsored in order to do this.

 - J<

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