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Re: Java status?

2008/7/4 Andrew Haley <aph redhat com>:


>> I'm interested because some packages still built with GCJ, and I'm
>> curious why they still not rebuild with (for example) OpenJDK?

> Why not?

Is it the only reason?

>> Another question - what's the future of GCJ/ECJ in Fedora? Will they
>> be superseded by OpenJDK?

> It's a big job to answer all that.  Ultimately it will be limited
> by the number of people available to do the work, and we're trying
> to plan all that.  Be aware that full OpenJDK support is only
> available on a few platforms, so there are gaps to fill.

What gaps?

> I'll try to get all the status updates done soon.  We've only just
> completed JCK certification for OpenJDK in Fedora, and that ought
> to be plenty for a little while.
> If I haven't updated the web page in two weeks please bug me about
> it.

Thanks! Will wait for updates in our Wiki.

With best regards!

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