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many broken mono packages because of gnome-sharp update (was Re: rawhide report: 20080704 changes)

This update to gnome-sharp: 

> gnome-sharp-2.20.0-1.fc10 
> * Thu Jul 3 18:00:00 2008 Xavier Lamien <lxtnow[at]gmail.com> 
> - 2.20.0 - Update release.

which should have been pre-announced to give time for other
maintainers to rebuild their packages has caused the breakage of a
large number of mono apps, including major apps like f-spot, beagle
and tomboy:

Broken deps for i386
	banshee-1.0.0-1.fc10.i386 requires mono(gnome-sharp) = 0:
	banshee-1.0.0-1.fc10.i386 requires mono(gconf-sharp) = 0:
	beagle-0.3.7-6.fc10.i386 requires mono(gnome-vfs-sharp) = 0:
	beagle-0.3.7-6.fc10.i386 requires mono(gnome-sharp) = 0:
	beagle-0.3.7-6.fc10.i386 requires mono(gconf-sharp) = 0:
	beagle-evolution-0.3.7-6.fc10.i386 requires mono(gconf-sharp) = 0:
	beagle-gnome-0.3.7-6.fc10.i386 requires mono(gnome-sharp) = 0:
	beagle-gnome-0.3.7-6.fc10.i386 requires mono(gnome-vfs-sharp) = 0:
	beagle-gnome-0.3.7-6.fc10.i386 requires mono(gconf-sharp) = 0:
	f-spot- requires mono(gnome-sharp) = 0:
	f-spot- requires mono(gnome-vfs-sharp) = 0:
	f-spot- requires mono(gtkhtml-sharp) = 0:
	f-spot- requires mono(gconf-sharp) = 0:
	gbrainy-0.70-1.fc10.i386 requires mono(gnome-sharp) = 0:
	gnome-do- requires mono(gconf-sharp) = 0:
	gnome-subtitles-0.8-3.fc10.i386 requires mono(gnome-sharp) = 0:
	gnome-subtitles-0.8-3.fc10.i386 requires mono(gconf-sharp) = 0:
	gtksourceview-sharp-2.0.12-3.fc10.i386 requires mono(gnome-sharp) = 0:
	tomboy-0.11.0-3.fc10.i386 requires mono(gnome-sharp) = 0:
	tomboy-0.11.0-3.fc10.i386 requires mono(gconf-sharp) = 0:
	tomboy-0.11.0-3.fc10.i386 requires mono(gconf-sharp-peditors) = 0:

Could maintainers please be more aware of the number of packages that
their package can affect; co-ordinate with other maintainers so they
can rebuild immediately the new package is available (or at least very
soon after); and give a fair warning on fedora-devel-list (as was done
with the gnutls update) before going ahead with such a major soname

I know this is rawhide, but it could be made a tad bit smoother for
testers if there was a bit more co-ordination between maintainers.


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