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Re: F-9 Updates : gnome-sharp and gtk-sharp2

>>>>> "AL" == Alex Lancaster  writes:


AL> Is this intentional?  Or gtkhtml now provided by a different
AL> package?  In the 2.16 gnome-sharp package gtkhtml was provided:
AL> If gtkhtml-sharp isn't packaged we need to get it into review
AL> pronto.

OK, looking into the .spec file and the sources for gnome-sharp, it
seems that gtkhtml has been moved to a new package:

This kind of things really should be noted in your %changelog as well
as in the spec file as it makes a big difference for other packages,
in addition the description:

This package provides a library that allows you to build
fully native graphical GNOME applications using Mono. gnome-sharp
extends gtk-sharp2 and adds bindings for gconf, libgnome, gnome-vfs,
libart, gtkhtml, librsvg, and vte.

should be modified to remove gtkhtml and anything else that has been
moved into gnome-desktop-sharp.

This is why it's critical when you upgrade a core component of a mono
stack in a major API/ABI bump (e.g. from 2.16 -> 2.20) that it needs
to be announced in advance and co-ordinated amongst the set of
maintainers of the mono "stack".  This is much like KDE, GNOME, the
whole stack needs to be updated as group because there is so much
intermodule dependencies.

Unfortunately (unlike GNOME) it appears that there are currently no
Red Hat engineers assigned to maintain the mono stack as a group
(probably because it isn't shipped in RHEL), nor is there a community
SIG like there is for KDE.  So maintaining the core mono stack
currently seems to be done in an adhoc way, maintainer by maintainer,
package by package.


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