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Re: f-spot is orphaned: in danger of being removed from Fedora

>>>>> "NJ" == Nigel Jones  writes:


NJ> Alex Lancaster wrote:

>> I'm working on getting this to build because it requires a new
>> unpackaged gnome-desktop-sharp package But in the long-term I don't
>> have time to be the primary maintainer, so if somebody else would
>> like to step up to be primary maintainer that would be great.
NJ> Actually, I'd noticed this too, I'm willing to be a primary
NJ> maintainer, and I was actually looking at getting
NJ> gnome-desktop-sharp done, but if you already have that's fine by
NJ> me.

I was only going package gnome-desktop-sharp myself as a last resort.
Actually, I would prefer just to review it if you could package it,
that would be great.  I've reviewed a few mono packages but I don't
really use mono myself, so that's why I'd prefer that somebody else be
the maintainer.


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