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Re: F-9 Updates : gnome-sharp and gtk-sharp2

On Sat, Jul 5, 2008 at 3:46 AM, Alex Lancaster <alexl users sourceforge net> wrote:
>>>>> "DN" == David Nielsen  writes:

DN> 2008/7/5 Alex Lancaster <alexl users sourceforge net>:
>> If gtkhtml-sharp isn't packaged we need to get it into review
>> pronto.

DN> Agreed, provide me with the review ticket and I will waste no
DN> time. I am happy to see work going on to improve Mono on Fedora.

There's no package review for gnome-desktop-sharp (which is actually
where gtkhtml was moved to after 2.19/2.20) submitted by anyone as
yet.  If you want to put together a package (I don't really use mono
myself much), I'll be happy to review it.

This package was created only after gnome-sharp-2.20 was released.
Source here:


gtkhtml has been removed from gnome-sharp and it is noted in the spec file as well but,
yeah not in the changelog, my bad to also forget added it in the changelog.
I'm already work to provide gnome-desktop-sharp quickly to fix this. the review request will be spawn in the next few hours.

Feel free to bug me on this.

Xavier.t Lamien
GPG-Key ID: F3903DEB
Fingerprint: 0F2A 7A17 0F1B 82EE FCBF 1F51 76B7 A28D F390 3DEB
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