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Re: F-9 Updates : gnome-sharp and gtk-sharp2

5. jul. 2008 08.16 skrev Xavier Lamien <laxathom fedoraproject org>:

gtkhtml has been removed from gnome-sharp and it is noted in the spec file as well but,
yeah not in the changelog, my bad to also forget added it in the changelog.
I'm already work to provide gnome-desktop-sharp quickly to fix this. the review request will be spawn in the next few hours.

Feel free to bug me on this.

This would probably have been good information to have in the mail announcing this version bump so maintainers would have minimal trouble.

Regardless it seems to me that we are starting to need a Mono SIG to coordinate all this. I have previously offered free reviews for Mono packages, that offer still stands, I don't however feel I am a good maintainer so I would rather not take that role.

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