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Re: Kernel 2.6.25 (F8/F9) problem

2008/7/2 Jarod Wilson <jwilson redhat com>:
> On Wednesday 02 July 2008 05:40:59 am Dario Lesca wrote:
>> On this kind of server (HP ProLiant DL380 G5)
>> > http://www.smolts.org/client/show/pub_e04ad1d7-e691-4b54-a3b6-1a5ff974d5b
>> >d
>> It's NOT possible install then use F9 and F8+update.
>> This is a HP common server, since there is the problem for over a month,
>> means that no one is using Fedora 8 + update or Fedora 9 on this kind of
>> server.
>> If someone was able to run Fedora 8 + Updates or Fedora 9 on these
>> servers, please let me know how to do.
> Please file a bug. We do have DL380 G5 hardware here in the lab. It typically
> gets used for RHEL testing, but I'm sure someone can get Fedora on one and
> see what they can see. This hardware definitely needs to work come RHEL6
> time, so fixing it in Fedora sooner than later would be good... Please feel
> free to add me (jwilson redhat com) to the cc list when you open the bug.

With all due respect, the hardware _definitely_ needs to work with Fedora 9.

I would suggest CC'ing the fedora unity bods (Bob & Karanrip) about
this as and when it gets resolved so they can pull it into a re-spin.


Christopher Brown


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