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Re: f-spot is orphaned: in danger of being removed from Fedora

Nigel Jones wrote:
Alex Lancaster wrote:
f-spot is currently orphaned and is scheduled to be deleted if it
doesn't build from source:


One of the reasons it's currently failing to build is because of the
gnome-sharp issue detailed in this thread:


I'm working on getting this to build because it requires a new
unpackaged gnome-desktop-sharp package But in the long-term I don't
have time to be the primary maintainer, so if somebody else would like
to step up to be primary maintainer that would be great.
Actually, I'd noticed this too, I'm willing to be a primary maintainer, and I was actually looking at getting gnome-desktop-sharp done, but if you already have that's fine by me.

I would be willing to comaintain if you need some help.

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