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Re: f-spot is orphaned: in danger of being removed from Fedora

>>>>> "DN" == David Nielsen  writes:


DN> The more disturbing thing, if I read the output correctly is that
DN> it happens while compiling gio-sharp.dll which definitely
DN> shouldn't be in f-spot. I haven't had time to take a stab at the
DN> offending code but it feels like it is including
DN> gnome-desktop-sharp stuff. In that case the correct fix would be
DN> making it use the system libraries.  

This is an ongoing issue with f-spot, I had tracked down a number of
these issues previously and with some help from the Debian maintainer
had patched them to use system libraries, but perhaps f-spot has gone
and done it again.  See:


Although I did notice that the configure script does check for the
presence of gnome-desktop-sharp, the absence of which was causing the
builds to originally fail.  The question is if it tries to detect it,
why doesn't it use it?


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