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openbabel SO version bump

Having packaged 2.2.0 beta, I wanted to update to 2.2.0 release
when it was released. However, I didn't notice the SO version bump
(libopenbabel.so.2 -> libopenbabel.so.3), so the new version is already
in rawhide. I'm sorry about that. There shouldn't be any problems with
rebuilding applications against the full 2.2.0 release, so please do just

Affected packages:

I'll handle xdrawchem myself. I can also rebuild the other packages if
their respective maintainers don't do that by Sunday.

I'd like to update F-9's openbabel, too. An updated build is available
in koji (I've revoked the request to push the update to testing for now).
I ask the maintainers of the above packages to test if their F-9 packages
build and work with openbabel-2.2.0 (they should). I'd like to have
a combined update ready by Sunday, too.


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