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Re: Proposed SIG: Windows MinGW cross-compiler SIG

2008/7/7 Richard W.M. Jones <rjones redhat com>:
> I would like to propose a new SIG for Fedora:
>  https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/MinGW
> The mission is to provide a MinGW-based cross-compiler and some common
> libraries so that Fedora users will be able to cross-compile software
> targeting Windows.  The aim will be that, just using a Fedora host and
> completely free software, you will be able to produce Windows *.DLLs
> and *.EXEs.
> The three initial contributors, myself, Dan Berrange and Daniel
> Veillard, are primarily interested in providing a libvirt client
> library and some libvirt-based tools for Windows users (so that they
> will be able to manage Linux systems running libvirtd remotely).
> However we think that a cross-compiler could have much wider interest
> in the Fedora community.


I would very much love to see this, as I always end up rolling my own
tool chain to cross compile for windows anyway, largely for GSL and
other scientific libraries. I would be happy to help out in the
"package monkey" sense if the SIG could identify tasks they need help


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