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Re: Request to re-add option to disable SELinux - compromise

Denis Leroy wrote:
max bianco wrote:
Can an option to completely disable the ability to disable SELinux be
added? I'd rather there was no way to turn it off at all.

that doesn't make *any* sense

It make as much sense as the rest of this thread and what it proposes. Yes I realize this is extreme but no more extreme in my view than disabled by default or offering the option at install time. There is already a way to disable it if you know enough and if you don't then you need it on anyway. For crying out loud my girlfriend uses Fedora, her use is much closer to average than any of the rest of us and SELinux has *never* caused her a problem. My mother, as computer illiterate as they come( no disrespect intended Mom) does not have any problems. This conversation is pointless, I see a hundred posts about people complaining about people discussing things like the GPL on a developer's list, a subject quite relevant in my view, but when the idea of disabling practically the only security present on the system is brought up , it actually gets entertained? Disable it?!?What?!? It seems to me that entirely too many people have their priorities seriously out of whack. In today's world, security better be the first consideration. The internet is a war zone. Any scum bag with a linux box can make a snazzy web page and lure in the unsuspecting. I don't think anyone is claiming SELinux is the be-all end-all of security tools but considering its one of the very few *real* security tools available I don't see how this thread has managed to get this long. I've said my bit.


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