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Re: Faster boot time

On Mon, Jul 07, 2008 at 08:24:28AM -0400, Brandon Thomas wrote:
> So last night I hibernated my laptop and when I came in today it booted
> pretty close to instantly.  I very seldomly hibernate my laptop because
> I frankly just don't see the same performance as after I boot cleanly
> from a full shutdown.  But I got to thinking...

If you can get a reproducable test to show that its slower after resume
from hibernate then file a BZ so this can be fixed. The possible cause
is that after resume some of your apps/their data are still on swap so
the first time you access them will be slower as they're paged in.

> What if some/all services were able to be configured to "hibernate"
> during shutdown, then at single program or service called by rhgb
> brought these programs back to life?  I think it would be helpful to
> reduce the number of services that start during boot for my laptop
> (httpd, mysqld, vsftpd, etc.).  Is such a feat possible?  Could there
> even be a decrease in boot time?

This is just re-inventing hibernate again with even more work which is
not a good use of developer time as compared to fixing any bugs which
actaully exist in hibernate/resume.

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