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Re: Request to re-add option to disable SELinux - compromise

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
jeff wrote:
The policy has already been fixed

Which policy?

SELinux policy of course. The bug your referenced has more details.

Well, that's a broad policy. I'm just talking about the ability to disable it, not removing it altogether or whatever. The policy isn't "no one should be able to disable this" is it? I think not. The current policy is to allow users to disable it if they want, correct? Currently this is only available post-install. There are many users that want it at install time too, which was previously available.

I'm not asking for a change to selinux policy.

I didn't mean to drag swfdec into this--I pointed at that bug for this quote (which I should have made more clear):

Developers frequently do turn off on all sort of security measures including firewalls just to avoid having to debug such issues. It is not very relevant for regular users.

I'm not talking about regular users. I'm talking about users that also use things like reiserfs/jfs/xfs/etc. and *know* they don't want selinux.


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