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Re: Request to re-add option to disable SELinux - compromise

David Nielsen wrote:

2008/7/7 jeff <moe blagblagblag org <mailto:moe blagblagblag org>>:

    Rahul Sundaram wrote:

        jeff wrote:

            Well, that's a broad policy. I'm just talking about the
            ability to disable it, not removing it altogether or whatever.

        That wasn't clear from your reference to the bugzilla report
        which was very specifically due to the interactions between
        swfdec being installed by default and issues with SELinux policy
        which has subsequently been fixed.

    I'm not trying to talk about swfdec *AT ALL*. I referenced that bug
    report to show that even Linus Torvalds himself typically disables
    selinux (along with probably hundreds of thousands of other people).

Because Linus Torvalds perfectly describes our average user?

Again, I'm not talking about the average user.

I'm talking about the same class of users that also know that they want things like xfs/jfs/reiserfs.

Or is Fedora only for the "average user"? I would presume fedora would also want to satisfy non-average users, such as developers.

You comment is pure noise.


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