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Re: InstantMirror Redesign / current best /simplest way to achieve

Arthur Pemberton wrote:

I wanted to try InstantMirror, but was in a rush. I just used a basic
squid setup.

Are their any advantages of using it as a reverse mirror vs. regular
squid usage?

Regular squid wont be able to effectively cache if MirrorManager is telling you to use random mirrors. If you use MirrorManager you could receive the same local (reverse proxy) mirror as the first mirror every time if yum is used from your network block.

refresh_pattern repodata/.*$    0       0%      0
refresh_pattern .*rpm$    0     0%      0

Also with any squid.conf you will need these lines in order to guarantee that your repodata and RPMS stay consistent with your upstream source. This is because proxies do not handle data changing without changing the filename.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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