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Re: InstantMirror Redesign / current best /simplest way to achieve

Le mardi 08 juillet 2008 à 12:12 -0400, Warren Togami a écrit :

>  The only way 
> we could do this without checking the upstream source is if all 
> filenames on the mirrors changed every time their contents change.  This 
> is possible and we considered this for repodata, but decided against it 
> because it would have broke earlier clients. 

So repodata is condemned to be broken with proxies just because it was
designed broken ? Please reconsider. There are many places in the world
where you can only access trhough proxies (for good reasons) and yum can
not really be used right now.

Just autogenerate to sets of metadata and deprecate the proxy-unfriendly
version after a few years.

Nicolas Mailhot

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