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Setting up a Koji server

After 2 years of bitter complaining, I think I'm finally starting to convince our group's primary grid middleware provider to offer rpms as an alternative to the current ass-backwards packaging tool. The provider has ~360 packages for a bunch of things that are already in Fedora (like syslog-ng, tomcat, squid), but also many things that unforutnately can't be part of Fedora due to licensing restrictions. Obviously it would be best to use the native Fedora/RHEL/EPEL packages where possible, submit the missing OSS tools to Fedora/EPEL, and only repackage the OSS-challenged tools.

I'll be meeting with this provider later this week to discuss some ideas to make sure this migration is as painless as possible. One of the things that I think they would benefit greatly from is a local koji installation. Is there any documentation on what it takes to set up an full koji environment with builders for 32- and 64-bit RHEL4, RHEL5, and Fedora, as well as configuring CVS to work with Koji?



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