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Re: [Reminder] FESCo Election Nominations

2008/7/8 Brian Pepple <bpepple fedoraproject org>:

> FESCo did that in earlier elections, and we had people that we're
> nominated by someone else, and then after being elected decided they
> didn't want to serve on FESCo.  If we can avoid that from occurring
> again, I don't have any objections.

Speaking as a non-FESCo member, I wouldn't personally have a problem
with this (nor for the Board or any other election for that matter).
As was mentioned in the f-a-b thread, there are cultures and
individuals that don't "feel right" self-nominating. Personally I
would think that if the person did not want to serve, then they could
say so prior to the nomination deadline and have their nomination
withdrawn (or remove it from the wiki page themselves).

There's also nothing wrong with a little nudge to whomever you have in
mind - "I really think that you could be great on FESCo, why not
consider nominating yourself?".


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