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Re: kernel build failures.

>>>>> "AL" == Alex Lancaster  writes:

>>>>> "OV" == Ondřej Vašík  writes:


OV> Sorry for troubles with xmlcatalog/docbook-dtds. Everything got
OV> broken once I got bugzilla about rpm -V complaints about
OV> sgml-common/xml-common catalog files. This caused broken
OV> xmlcatalog file in existing installation - as the xmlcatalog was
OV> modified and replaced full catalog of xml-dtd's with brand new
OV> empty one. I decided to mark it config(noreplace) to prevent such
OV> things in future. Because of policy no config(noreplace) in /usr/
OV> I moved xmlcatalog to /etc/sgml/docbook/ and created symlink. But
OV> because entries from docbook-dtds were not with full path, they
OV> were not found. New docbook-dtds with full paths to xml-dtd's
OV> should solve the troubles. Sorry once more time...

AL> Hi,

AL> Is there an open bugzilla bug and/or timeframe on fixing this?  Is
AL> the error in the docbook-dtds package?  I couldn't find any
AL> relevant open bug in that component.

It seems the original problem was only in rawhide and didn't affect
F-9.  I see docbook-dtds has been rebuilt for rawhide now:


AL> I'm having difficulty in F-9 with resolving DTDs, it wants to
AL> download everything via the network.

In any case, I've filed my F-9 as a bug:



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