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Re: new RPM version and Feature process

On Thu, 2008-07-10 at 13:31 -0700, John Poelstra wrote:

> Fair enough.  I believe in most cases requested information was for 
> sections that were completely blank. Up until now I thought the section 
> headings were self-explanatory--I believe you are the first to raise 
> this point about needing definitions, which we can definitely address. 
> I hope people will read them.

Thanks, I believe it really will help. Also keep in mind that not
everybody who writes a feature page is a native speaker, so what is
self-explanatory and obvious to you may look different when you come
from another culture...

> > So, I have to fly blind and put something in each section in the hope
> > that it passes the next time. But it feels like there is a lot of
> > overlap between the (undefined) topics on the feature template: 
> > If I've already filled out the 'detailed description', why am I asked to
> > provide more details in the 'summary' ? And if I've already listed a ton
> > of packages that need changes under 'scope', whats supposed to be put in
> > 'dependencies' ? etc...
> Good point.  I can see where defining the sections would help for these. 
>   In terms of requesting more for the summary--that information gets 
> listed on the overal summary page for all features so I thought it would 
> be helpful to readers of the summary page if the summary for that 
> particular features was more descriptive and talked in less technical 
> terms.

See, there you already have a great start for a one-paragraph
explanation of what the summary is all about...

> The more positive collaborative process you are suggesting--which 
> parties would that be between?

>From the parties who would benefit from having the relevant sections
fille out, I guess. E.g. I would expect some pointed questions from QA
for better test cases, and questions from the docs guys about release

Of course, that is much easier later on, when the stuff is already in
rawhide and the 'other parties' can just play around with it...

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