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Request for sponsorship

Hello all,
        For more then a month I am trying to learn fedora and fedora
packaging. In the course of time I have submitted 7 packages for
1. 455056: Review Request: weex - Fast WEb EXchanger non-interactive FTP client
2. 455039: Review Request: php-oauth - PHP Authentication library for
desktop to web applications
3. 454895: Review Request: sitecopy - Tool for easily maintaining
remote web sites
4. 454395: Review Request: php-xmpphp - PHP XMPP Library
5. 445027: Review Request: dnrd - A caching, forwarding DNS proxy server
6. 448397: Review Request: ntop - A network traffic probe similar to
the UNIX top command
7. 449879: Review Request: Zile - Zile Is Lossy Emacs

Unofficial reviews for helping packages:
1. 454125: Review Request: gtest - Google C++ testing framework
2. 434861: Review Request: python-tftpy - Python TFTP library
3. 252108: Review Request: python-html5lib - A python based HTML5
4. 445152: Review Request: yacpi - ncurses based acpi viewer

I have done some mistakes also in process and learnt from them. I am
looking for sponsor. May somebody sponsor me?

I am also coordinating gnome kashmiri translation whose hosting has
been shifted to fedorahosting [1]. Present owner would like to shift
ownership to me as soon as I get Fedora account active.

[1] https://fedorahosted.org/ks-gnome-trans/

Rakesh Pandit

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