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Re: Heads-up: brand new RPM version about to hit rawhide

On Fri, 2008-07-11 at 14:57 -0800, Jeff Spaleta wrote:
> Okay.. the important bit I was missing was making sure 'we' keep a
> local clone of the source for everything we are building and packaging
> and we weren't just pulling dynamically from upstream at build time.

A "clone" would only work for a very very small portion of our software.
More likely would be taking their tarball release and checking it into
source code.  Essentially turning our lookaside cache from a directory
tree of tarballs to a SCM tree of modules.  However since I don't think
you can reasonably explode a tarball, check it into SCM, check it back
out and tar it up again and expect the checksums to match that of the
upstream tarball release.

For that reason I picture two things.  One, the pristine tarball itself
checked into SCM, and an exploded view of it checked in and updated as
new releases happen.  The (s)rpms we build would be built from the
pristine tarballs, the exploded view would just offer a convenient
method of developing on them.  Not exactly all that useful/desired in
Fedora land where we're UPSTREAM UPSTREAM UPSTREAM, but useful for
things like EPEL where version changes are less than welcome.

Jesse Keating
Fedora -- FreedomĀ² is a feature!

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