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Re: Attention Spin Maintainers

Jeroen van Meeuwen wrote:
It should be done for all spins to-be included in the next release. Obviously, for the recurring spins such as Gnome and KDE, the page will just need to change category between development cycles.

To show you how this is not at all too much overhead for you as a maintainer / initiator of the Spin Concept... The more you write on your wiki page about the spin, the easier the websites-team will be able to -in the future- create you a neat page for the specific spin on spins.fp.o

Note to self... read the entire thread before replying.

If it's in spin-kickstarts, and going to end up on spins.fp.o, it needs to have a Feature page IMHO.

Whether we all know to ignore whatever is on the KDE spin feature page, or whether we all get a chance to see how Rex and Sebastian are doing, track motivations for changes they make and where they're moving in general, or just because I can then search the wiki for all Spin Wiki Feature Pages, maintainers, progress, etc...

I didn't even mention the advantages of treating two of the same things like if they really were the same, within the Feature process...

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

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