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Re: How to handle soname bump properly?

>>>>> "JK" == Jesse Keating  writes:


>> It is already documented:
>> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/ReleaseEngineering/SOP/BuildRootOverrides
>> although that page is buried in a somewhat obscure place that a
>> casual package maintainer would probably not know to look there.

JK> That's because it's a document for release engineers to use when
JK> they actually process the tagging request.  It's not necessarily
JK> meant for maintainers to use, that little bit of documentation has
JK> definitely been missing for a while.

Sure, I was just pointing it out.

>> It should probably linked from somewhere in the PackageMaintainers
>> namespace with a higher-level explanation like the text above.
>> This kind of thing might be useful for the PackageMaintainers
>> Tips/Tricks page which I can't seem to locate the URL for right now
>> (it isn't linked from
>> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/PackageMaintainers)

JK> All it takes is somebody to make it happen (:

Indeed, I think that's what Peter was volunteering to do.  I was
giving him some background that might be helpful when writing the text
and/or figuring out where to put it.  If needed I can assist in that.


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