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Re: Heads-up: brand new RPM version about to hit rawhide

Will Woods wrote:

Most of the Fedora contributors do that.
OK, how about I clarify that a bit.  I'm making time around my day job
because I can *at the moment*.  If I were to put things off to F11,
there is a good chance that when F11 is in development, I may be tied up
elsewhere.  So I really would like to move forward now, just because now
is when I can.

A note about scheduling: We've got just over 4 weeks until F10 Feature
Freeze and you haven't even *started*. This is a big change and it's
going to take a lot of changes across the entire distro - I'm really
doubtful that it could be done properly that soon.
The good news is that F11 development branches in a mere 12 weeks (or

I think people would have been a lot more receptive if you had been
planning to land your changes then. Otherwise you end up hearing the
stock Fedora response for people who want to make massively invasive
changes without really talking to anyone first: "Yeah, that's great, let
us know when you're done."

It's not that anyone thinks these changes are a bad idea - I'm actually
fairly excited about the possibilities here. But from what I've heard of
the plans so far, it'd be a really bad idea to try to force it in for

I'd argue that it would make sense to make the changes to RPM itself a version before anything uses them. Depending on the design of the change, it probably wouldn't be all that difficult to make it generate a tarball-containing srpm as a step in the process if anyone wanted it, but avoiding that is kind of the point.

  Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell gmail com

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