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Re: gtk-sharp2 dependencies

>>>>> "NJ" == Nigel Jones  writes:

NJ> Just an FYI before the Rawhide Report arrives, Yes gtk-sharp2 was
NJ> bumped to 2.12.1 (at my request), yes it has broken the
NJ> dependencies BUT:

NJ> The reason this time is that rpm forgot to calculate the mono
NJ> dependencies (something that can be expected with any major bump),
NJ> with the old version of RPM the same Provides for 2.12.0-2 and
NJ> 2.12.1-1 were calculated, so there isn't a need for a mass
NJ> rebuild, just one of gtk-sharp2.

Bummer.  I wonder if there was collateral damage to the
provides/requires capabilities for other languages as well?

NJ> So I think it's just a case of been patient while the mono
NJ> provides bug is sorted and then be on our way.

Can you post the bug number for this mono provides/requires breakage
if there is one? (Presumably it should be filed against the rpm
component and/or reported upstream if necessary).


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