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Re: Fedora, OLPC, and Sugar Labs

On Mon, Jul 14, 2008 at 12:04 PM, chasd <chasd silveroaks com> wrote:
> You want to get people hooked on Sugar ( pun intended ) to drive OLPC
> adoption ?

I want to drive Sugar development...regardless of how its adopted.
The olpc maybe cool, but as a piece of software Sugar needs to
flourish on other hardware..including alpha workstations if we can
manage it.

Fedora as a community is a mix of software users and developers. We
use hardware only because we don't have the ability..yet..to run the
software as part of our own neural nets.  So as a result the hardware
is diverse through our community..but the software is shared.  For
Sugar to find a home and to gain a community following, we need to
position and champion Sugar as a cool piece of software divorced from
any particular piece of hardware.


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